Preparing for Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) Surgery

Preparing for Tummy Tuck Surgery | Houston | AbdominoplastyPreparation is a vital part of any major procedure such as tummy tuck cosmetic surgery. Fantastic preparation will ensure that the patient goes through the surgical journey smoothly and with minimal risk of complications. Post-operative recovery period should also be covered as a part of the preparation process.
The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery, led by award winning and board certified plastic surgeons, provides cutting edge procedures, including tummy tuck. The ACPS provides these procedures in a state of the art surgical environment to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding locations.

Balanced Diet

A healthy and balanced diet is a primary part of the tummy tuck plastic surgery preparation process. Nutrition will help fortify the immune system and cut down the risk of infections during or after surgery. Lean proteins should be an important component in the diet because these will promote faster post-operative healing. Chicken, fish, eggs, yogurt, and light cheese should be a part of the diet to increase protein intake.
A vitamin rich diet is generally good for the candidate’s health, but the use of vitamin E should be avoided for some time before and after tummy tuck surgery as it can aggravate complications. When a patient follows a balanced diet prior to the surgery, it will also help instill the habit of healthy eating. Patients can continue to maintain that habit after the surgery, which will help preserve the results of tummy tuck surgery for years to come.

Regular Fitness Regimen

For a few weeks prior to tummy tuck surgery, the patient should start following a regular fitness and exercise program. This will help to improve the body’s metabolism and increase the muscle mass. Patients who are able to maintain high fitness levels will typically have a smoother and faster recovery after tummy tuck. Exercise will also allow them to maintain a leaner and more efficiently functioning body.
The patient will be able to minimize natural weight gain in the days and weeks following the surgery when they must refrain from strenuous activities. Regular exercise routine will also help the patient maintain healthy habits, which will contribute to the sustainability of tummy tuck outcomes. Leading cosmetic surgeons at ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas.

Things to Avoid

The patient will be required to avoid smoking for at least two to four weeks prior to the tummy tuck surgery, and continue with that restriction well into the post-op recovery period. Smoking causes reduction of the oxygen flow in the blood, leading to a higher risk of complications and a slower recovery.
Blood thinning medications such as aspirin, herbal supplements and vitamins may have to be stopped at least two weeks prior to the tummy tuck surgery. These can increase the risk of bleeding as well as clotting.
Before the surgery, the patient can make advance preparations for the recovery phase. They can arrange for someone to drive them back home from the surgery, keep essential supplies at home, and preferably arrange for someone to help for the first 48 hours after the surgery.
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