Plastic Surgery Safety: Why the Cheaper Option May Not Be A Bargain

Cosmetic plastic surgery, though elective, is serious surgery that involves numerous components to achieve high-quality results and the safest possible outcome. These elements will be reflected in the price you pay. A reputable, skilled plastic surgeon will not cut corners to save costs at the expense of compromising your health and aesthetic results. For that reason, it is wise to avoid choosing a surgeon based upon price alone. The qualifications and skillfulness of the surgeon and staff; the care you receive before, during, and after surgery; and the quality of the surgical facility are just some of the factors that determine the cost. ACPS surgeon Dr. Henry Mentz commented, “It costs more money to have a staff that is CPR-trained, to have only board certified anesthesiologists administering anesthesia and monitoring patients, and to have physicians who are board certified plastic surgeons. It costs more to have a comprehensive plan for our patients where you have patient coordinators, a garment bag that includes all the supplies you will need for your postoperative recovery at home, and a home visit a day or two following surgery from one of our health care professionals to monitor our patients’ recovery from surgery.” Dr. Mentz added, “You don’t get safety cheap. It requires more effort to keep our patients as safe as possible. We continue to strive to make surgery more and more safe for patients by continuing to evolve in our techniques and to do research that everyone can use to make patients safer.” For ACPS surgeons, patient safety is always the number one priority, which is why they follow the most stringent safety protocols, including all of the features mentioned by Dr. Mentz.
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ACPS Update

Our hearts go out to all those impacted with last week’s horrific storm.  We hope you and your loved ones are doing well.  ACPS is happy to announce we will be totally operational starting Monday, May 20th.