We are excited and pleased to be one of the first in the world to offer this innovative treatment. The arrival of FDA approved DAXXIFY™ (DaxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm) at ACPS. DAXXIFY™ is a long-lasting frown line treatment that’s different than other wrinkle reducers. The first innovation of its kind in over 20 years,  DAXXIFY is the only treatment containing a novel peptide. Results have been shown to last on average 6 months, and up to 9 months for some. 

What is DAXXIFY and how is it different?

DAXXIFY™ is FDA approved to help smooth moderate to severe lines between the brows. It is the only long-lasting frown line treatment powered by a peptide with results that last on average 6 months and up to 9 months for some.* Conventional injectables last 3 – 4 months and require up to 4 treatments a year to maintain results. Nearly 90% of patients say they wish results lasted longer. With DAXXIFY™ you can keep your frown lines smoother for a full year with as few as 2 treatments.* Plus with off-label use we are still able to treat your favorite toxin treatment zone like foreheadlines, crows feet, gummy smiles, bunny lines, masseters and platysmal bands. 

DAXXIFY ACPS Before and after

*At least 50% of patients in clinical studies had no or minor frown lines 6 months after treatment. Between 3% and 5% of patients in clinical studies had no or minor frown lines 9 months after treatment. In other safety studies, between 5% and 17% of patients still had noticeable improvement 9 months later.


Why are peptides important?

All frown line treatments require a special ingredient to stabilize botulinum toxin A, the protein responsible for helping smooth moderate to severe frown lines. DAXXIFY™ is unique because it is the only formulation that uses a novel peptides as a stabilizer and does not contain human or animal byproducts. 

Will I see results quickly?

You may see results with DAXXIFY™ as early as the next day after treatment, and typically within two days. Optimal results in about 2 weeks.

How is DAXXIFY™ different from other wrinkle reducers (toxins), like Botox, Dypsort, Jeuveau and Xeomin?

DAXXIFY™ minimizes the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines by temporarily relaxing the underlying muscles that cause these wrinkles. DAXXIFY™ is a long-lasting botulinum toxin type A treatment with a novel peptide. Plus DAXXIFY™ is manufactured here in the United States.

Is DAXXIFY™ for you?

The ideal person for DAXXIFY™is someone who wants the convenience of a twice-yearly treatment plus the benefits of consistent, smooth results that last. If you are balancing work, personal, and professional commitments,  DAXXIFY™ treatment is for you! 

If you’re already using neuromodulators and it’s been 5 months or longer since the last treatment and want the convenience of a longer-lasting treatment, DAXXIFY™ is also for you!

DAXXIFY cost? 

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