How often do you need to replace breast implants?

Breast Implant Replacement

Ever since the breast augmentation procedure was introduced, patients have continued to ask whether they will need to replace their breast implants within a few years. A dedicated surgeon will provide you a clear answer to this question during your consultation in order to help you make an informed decision.

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Longevity of Your Breast Implant Surgery Outcomes

A large majority of women who have chosen breast augmentation cosmetic surgery can expect to have their implants last for 10 to 20 years without any difficulty. The FDA reported in 2011 that 80 percent of the women will not require removal or replacement of their implants within the first 10 years.

But even this data is now old, and the percentage of women who can enjoy their implant results for a longer time has likely increased with improving implant qualities and advancing surgical techniques. Manufacturers now offer a lifetime warranty on breast implants.

However, you should know that your breast implant surgery results are not expected to last forever. You might need to remove or replace your implants at least once during your lifetime. In a few cases, the implant may develop a rupture or capsular contracture, or the breast tissue may develop an infection, making it medically necessary to remove implants.

There is no fixed rule for implant removal, and as long as you are satisfied and comfortable with the existing implants and have not experienced a complication, you do not need to remove or replace them.

Damage to the Implants

If your implants get damaged or develop a hole or tear, the saline or silicone filling in the implant shell is no longer secure. The saline will immediately leak and the implant will deflate. While this poses no risk to your health, it will make a visible cosmetic difference to your breast, which can be corrected with a breast implant removal or exchange surgery.

The saline gel is thick and is not likely to move out of the shell or the breast capsule. You may not even detect it until an MRI is done. But once the problem is found, it will be necessary to perform a breast implant removal or exchange for your own health and safety.

Capsular contracture may sometimes occur in the scar tissue that surrounds the implant. This will cause your breast tissue to tighten, causing pain or discomfort. The implant may also lose its shape. You can correct this condition with a breast implant removal or replacement plastic surgery.

Aging Plays a Role

All breasts, whether with or without implants, will ultimately get affected by aging and gravity. Your breasts are likely to sag, droop and go through a slight size change as you grow older.

Pregnancy, hormonal changes, illness, and other factors could also contribute to changes to your breasts. At some point, it may be best to have your breast implants removed or replaced with or without an additional breast lift surgery.

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