How much does Neck Lift Plastic Surgery cost?

Neck Lift Plastic Surgery Cost | Houston | Katy | Texas The neck is a prominent part of the aesthetic profile, and neck lift cosmetic surgery can be used to enhance the appearance of neck and restore its youthfulness. The procedure is usually not covered by health insurance companies, which makes it important for the patients to have a clear idea of its costs in order to make an informed decision.
The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) is a premier surgical practice providing cutting edge procedures, including neck lift. During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will discuss all aspects of neck lift, including its estimated costs. The ACPS provides neck lift to patients in Houston TX, and surrounding locations.

Price Variation

A wide range of surgical or non-surgical procedures may be encompassed by a neck lift. Therefore, the costs of neck lift can vary from one patient to another. At the same time, monetary amount for the exact same procedure can vary from one plastic surgery practice to another due to several factors. However, patients should note that cost may not necessarily be the best indicator of a surgeon’s skill.
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recommends that patients should choose the most appropriate surgeon for their needs. Elements such as the fee charged by the cosmetic surgeon should only be considered secondary to such decisions that will have a long-term impact on the patient’s health and appearance. The ACPS receives patients from Houston TX, and nearby areas for neck lift surgery.

Correlation of Cost and Technique

The neck lift procedure can be performed using various surgical techniques and approaches, depending on the patient’s unique needs. It may include removal of loose skin, liposuction, and tightening or repositioning of underlying neck muscles.
Liposuction: If the patient has fairly good skin elasticity in the neck area, but is bothered by the presence of excess fat deposits in the neck or below the chin, they may benefit from liposuction alone. This will bring down the sticker price of the procedure significantly.
Cervicoplasty: If removal of excess skin from the neck area is necessary, a cervicoplasty may be performed. The remaining skin will then be re-draped over the neck to create a smooth and taut appearance. The cost of this procedure may be slightly higher than that of liposuction.
Platysmaplasty: If the underlying neck muscles need to be addressed, a platysmaplasty procedure may be required. It may involve removal of a portion of the slack neck muscles, and tightening of the muscles to produce a more refined and contoured neck. This procedure is usually priced at the higher end of the scale.
If the patient receives multiple procedures for a more comprehensive outcome, the overall procedure will become more cost-effective.


A patient’s credit history should not stop them from looking and feeling their best with neck lift surgery. Several professional medical care finance companies offer low interest and affordable loan options to help patients finance their neck lift procedure. Quick loan approvals are generally assured, and payment schedules can be tailored to suit the patient’s needs.
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