Buttock Augmentation Fat Grafting / Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Steps

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Steps | Houston Plastic SurgeryButtock augmentation fat grafting or Brazilian butt lift has emerged as one of the popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the US today. The procedure is less invasive because it avoids the use of implants, and creates curvaceous and lifted buttocks through simple fat transfer injections.
During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will discuss the steps involved in the butt augmentation fat grafting procedure. The plastic surgeons at ACPS provide this procedure to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding communities.

Less Invasive Technique

Although some surgeons use buttock implants to create an augmented shape, but this procedure is relatively more invasive and increases the risk of infection. The plastic surgery experts at ACPS have developed a less invasive technique that creates improved results and achieves greater volume without implants.
The surgeons will remove excess fat from an area that requires contouring, such as the abdomen, waist, thighs or hips, and then inject this fat to sculpt a fuller and shapelier buttock contour. The innovative technique of ACPS surgeons allows for the injecting of higher volume of fat in significantly lesser time to optimize the results. Simply through fat injections, the surgeons can create a more lifted look, while avoiding skin removal and tissue lifting.  

Procedure Steps

The cosmetic surgeon may perform Brazilian butt lift surgery using only local anesthesia, but in some cases, they may use general anesthesia or IV sedation. An anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist may be present throughout the surgery to monitor the patient’s response to anesthesia.    
Incision Placement
A Brazilian butt lift procedure will involve very small incisions that are required to perform liposuction. The incision will be placed in the targeted site of excess fat where the body contours can be improved and surplus fat tissue can be removed. The surgeon will locate the incision as discreetly as possible to minimize the subsequent scarring.
To collect surplus fat, the surgeon will perform liposuction in one or more areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, or back. Through the incision created in the targeted area, the surgeon will insert a small cannula. The cannula will be manipulated through manual motion, vibration, ultrasound, air bursts or laser beam to dissolve stubborn fat deposits before gently aspirating them.
Fat Purification
Once the required amount of fat tissue has been removed, the fat cells will be purified using a centrifugal process. The best quality tissue will be separated through this process for injecting into the specific areas of the buttocks. Purified fat will ensure that the results are more sustainable and even looking.
Injecting the Fat
The surgeon will inject the purified fat into the buttocks at various depths to create a natural look and feel. The number, amount and depth of the injections will vary according to the fat transfer technique applied by the surgeon and the patient’s specific cosmetic goals.
More realistic outcomes are usually achieved when the surgeon places a greater number of tiny injections. Experienced plastic surgeons at ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas.
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