Hair Transplantation

NeoGraft: Advanced Technology Uses Minimally Invasive Techniques to Produce Excellent Results

Male pattern baldness and thinning hair can cause anxiety and affect the self-confidence of men both in their interpersonal relationships and their professional lives.By age 35, two-thirds of men will have some degree of hair loss. By the age 50, the number rises to 85% who have significantly thinning hair, while 25% suffer from male pattern baldness before the age of 21.

We are excited to offer NeoGraft—a revolutionary new patented system that uses minimally invasive methods to safely, quickly, and effectively restore hair and a fuller hairline. NeoGraft’s advanced technology automates the hair transplantation process, eliminating the most common drawbacks of other hair restoration methods.

A NeoGraft treatment produces little to no discomfort, requires no scalpel incision or stitches, and it does not leave an unsightly linear scar—a telling sign of the strip method of hair transplantation. Most patients can return to work the next day with fewer activity restrictions compare to traditional strip methods. Learn more about NeoGraft.To learn more about NeoGraft and if it’s right for you,  please contact us to schedule a consultation.