Breast Enhancement

ACPS surgeons perform breast enhancement procedures in order to improve the aesthetic appearance of breasts and, in some cases, relieve the physical discomforts that overly large and heavy breasts frequently cause.

Our procedures include:

Some of the most common issues they address include the following:

  • breasts that have lost volume and firmness due to factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging
  • excessively large breasts which often lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain and cause those who have them to feel self-concious about their disproportionate appearance on the body
  • breasts that are small, underdeveloped, or noticeably asymmetrical due to genetics and/or congenital factors
  • breasts which require revision surgery to improve or repair the unsatisfactory results of a previous breast surgery

Through procedures that include breast augmentation / breast enlargement surgery, breast lift, and breast reduction surgery, combination breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, and revision breast surgery, ACPS surgeons restore a shapely, lifted, appearance to breasts, creating a look that fits both your goals and your body’s unique proportions and characteristics.

If you are interested in breast enhancement surgery, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our award-winning surgeons.  

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Breast Procedures Pricing Range*

*Pricing varies among our doctors. Please be aware that prices listed below are estimates only. Call us at 713.799.9999 for a specific doctors price estimates for procedures. A customized price quote can only be given to you during your consultation with your surgeon.

  • Breast Augmentation - $5000-$6000 (add $1200+ for silicone implants)
  • Breast Lift - $6,500 & up
  • Breast Lift with Implants - $9,000 & up
  • Breast Reduction - $7,500 & up
  • Removal of Implants and Re-augmentation - $7,500 & up