Ear Surgery

There are many forms of cosmetic ear or earlobe reconstruction surgery, and each has a different purpose. The ear lobe is a point of concern for many patients so our Houston surgeons offer procedures to repair a split earlobe or improve the appearance of sagging earlobes. Aging patients often come to our office with earlobes that have stretched over time.

Split Ear Lobe Repair

For a split earlobe, your surgeon can usually repair it in the Houston office in about one hour using local anesthetic to reduce any discomfort. The split is stitched together with special sutures to minimize scarring. The stitches are removed in about 4-5 days, and you may have the ear pierced again in about three weeks.

Earlobe Reduction

Earlobe reduction is also a quick procedure, but is often performed in conjunction with a neck lift or facelift under general anesthesia in our private ACPS Surgicentre.

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Sagging Earlobes

Our surgeons believe that to truly reverse signs of aging, you have to treat all of the signs of aging. The earlobes are a great example of this principle because even a great facelift result can look unnatural next to sagging earlobes. For complete, natural and balanced results it is important to address all of the elements of the face.

Ear Lobe Surgery

Another type of ear surgery, called otoplasty, is a procedure for correcting the shape of the ear or bringing bulging ears closer to the head. Children with large ears or ears that appear too far away from the head can have this procedure performed to surgically bring the ears closer to the head. This is an outpatient procedure performed on children as well as adults. Since ears are almost fully grown by the time a child is five years old, children can have the procedure performed at an early age. The newest techniques address two problems with the ears: the shell shape of the ear and the fold which can be sculpted or reshaped to create a more natural appearance.

Local or general anesthesia is administered during the one to three hour surgery and stitches can be removed in one week. Postoperative bandages are applied to the head following surgery. Children recover in about one week and adults usually return to work in about five days. Other reconstructive ear surgery applications are available such as operations performed on the earlobes and forming new ears when necessary.

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Facial Procedures Pricing Range*

*Pricing varies among our doctors. Please be aware that prices listed below are estimates only. Call us at 713.799.9999 for a specific doctors price estimates for procedures. A customized price quote can only be given to you during your consultation with your surgeon.

  • Facelift - $9,000 and Up
  • Forehead Lift - $4,000 and Up
  • Eyes - $3,000 (Upper or Lower & up) / $4,000 (upper and lower & up)
  • Ears - $3,800 & up
  • Earlobe Repair - $450 (One Ear)
  • Rhinoplasty - $6,500 - $8,000 & up
  • Chemical Peel - $650 & up
  • Skin Peels / Microdermabrasion - $75/$120 & up/Call for package prices