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Hair Transplantation Cost | Houston | Plastic Surgery | Medical SpaHair transplantation is a safe, proven and effective procedure to permanently treat hair loss and hair thinning and achieve substantial hair restoration. The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery is a renowned research-based practice providing some of the latest breakthrough techniques in hair restoration such as NeoGraft procedure.
During the initial consultation with cosmetic surgeons and hair restoration experts at the Aesthetic Center, the patient will have an opportunity to gain new insights about innovative and less invasive hair transplantation techniques such as NeoGraft. The NeoGraft expert will also discuss the cost estimate to help the patient make an informed choice. The Aesthetic Center provides NeoGraft hair transplant and other procedures to patients in Houston TX, and surrounding communities.

Price Comparison with Traditional Surgery

Traditional hair transplantation surgery is a long and complex procedure, which may have several drawbacks including a higher financial endpoint. On the other hand, NeoGraft is an automated procedure that improves the efficiency of treatment and efficacy of results. The price tag for this less invasive procedure may turn out to be more affordable in comparison to traditional hair transplant surgery.
NeoGraft will typically involve a shorter recovery period, which means the patient will require fewer days off from work. This can prove to be a cost-effective and more practical benefit for some people. The cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation experts at the Aesthetic Center receive patients from Houston TX, and nearby areas for NeoGraft procedure.

Price Factors

The monetary amount of NeoGraft hair transplantation is likely to vary from one practice to another and sometimes even one patient to another at the same practice. One of the major factors affecting the cost is the practice location. Practices that are located in prime urban centers and major cities along the coastal areas will usually have a higher cost of living as compared to smaller towns and interior regions. This has an impact on the average cost of most types of products and services, including hair transplant aesthetic procedure.
The technology, equipment, quality standards and training and experience of the operating team of plastic surgeons and staff members will also affect the average base cost of NeoGraft procedure. It will usually affect your bank account more to maintain the most prolific and exceptional standards of care and provide personalized services. But in any aesthetic procedure, it is always an astute idea to choose the highest quality care for the sake of safety, satisfaction, and long-term benefits.

Insurance and Financing

NeoGraft and other hair transplant procedures will usually not be covered under the patient’s health plan because it is not a medically necessary procedure. However, the patients will almost always have several financing avenues open to them in order to pay for the procedure in affordable monthly installments.
The treatment provider may accept payment through check or credit cards. Patients should also explore financing through professional medical care finance firms, which specialize in offering low interest loans for such procedures. Traditional financing options such as bank loans and personal borrowings will also be available to most patients seeking hair transplantation.
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ACPS Update

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