Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty) vs. Laser Liposuction

Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty) vs. Laser Liposuction
Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty) vs. Laser Liposuction

One of the common aesthetic concerns among both women and men in the US is uneven body contour around the waist area. This can occur when excess fat tissue deposits accumulate around the abdomen. If the fats do not respond to diet or exercise, the individual has the choice of tummy tuck cosmetic surgery or relatively less invasive procedures such as laser liposuction in some cases.
The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery is a state of the art practice providing both invasive and non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Leading plastic surgeons and other experts at the practice will recommend the appropriate procedure for body contouring in the abdominal area. The practice receives patients from Houston TX, and surrounding communities.


Excess fat deposits and loose skin in the abdominal area may occur due to sedentary lifestyles, genetic reasons, disease and other factors. Several techniques in tummy tuck cosmetic surgery are available, and the surgeon will recommend the appropriate technique according to the patient’s anatomical condition and their personal aesthetic goals. Full tummy tuck or partial abdominoplasty may be performed as per the patient’s needs.
A full traditional tummy tuck procedure will usually include correction in both upper and lower abdomen. Excess skin will be removed, and the underlying weak abdominal muscles may be tightened. Sometimes circumferential tummy tuck may be performed, which will also include fat reduction in the flanks. In full tummy tuck surgery, the repositioning of the belly button is also involved. Mini tummy tuck, on the other hand, is a less invasive procedure with smaller incisions and no navel incision.
Experienced plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery provide a wide range of procedures for the breast, body and face, including tummy tuck surgery. Patients in Houston TX, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive surgery from them.

Laser Liposuction

In some cases, similar goals as tummy tuck can be achieved with laser assisted liposuction procedure. Advanced laser technology allows for controlled delivery of heat energy into the deeper fat layers of the abdomen. Once the unwanted fat tissue is liquefied, it can be removed with a suction process in a less aggressive manner. A special laser-tipped surgical instrument is applied to destroy targeted fat cells in the laser lipo procedure.
This technique in laser liposuction is called SmartLipo, which requires the patient to be only under local anesthesia. The trauma to the surrounding healthy tissue is reduced with this laser guided fat reduction treatment. Another laser assisted technique for the abdominal fat reduction is called ProLipo. In this technique, laser fibers deliver heat energy to the targeted fat cells. Tumescent local anesthesia is used in this technique.
Patients should be aware that the laser liposuction procedure offers a more limited but less invasive approach as compared to tummy tuck. In case of tummy tuck surgery, loose abdominal skin is excised, sagging muscles are tightened, and excess fat may be removed with or without liposuction. The surgeon will recommend laser lipo or tummy tuck surgery according to the requirements of a particular case.
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