By Sherri Roberts

Beautiful couple: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. photo credit: Hot Gossip Italia ( – some rights reserved

While the vast majority of men and women who consult with ACPS surgeons simply want to improve a specific area and desire a look that’s uniquely theirs, the topic highlights the importance of having realistic expectations regarding cosmetic plastic surgery and what it can achieve.

ACPS plastic surgeon Dr. German Newall said, “Many people think plastic surgeons can recreate any shape and physical feature that ‘s out there, but we can’t.”

Altering a person’s face by attempting to surgically reproduce the likeness of an attractive celebrity face like Angelina Jolie’s or George Clooney’s is the wrong approach, said Dr. Newall. Namely because good looks are usually a combination of complex elements like facial structure, beautiful eyes, and balance between the facial features.

That being said, the surgeon noted that body contouring requests such as those seeking to emulate the curves of famous figures like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé are typically easier to accomplish.  That’s because combining surgical techniques like fat grafting and liposuction in procedures such as Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery allows ACPS surgeons to strategically add and subtract fat to sculpt similar and/or more ideal proportions in line with a person’s goals.

Ultimately, however, the surgeon’s mission isn’t about changing everything to attain an impossible physical ideal, but instead enhancing to reveal and highlight each individual’s distinct beauty.

“Each one of us has his/her own given beauty and shape. And with that you carry your own character and personality,” said Dr. Newall.  “I always try to choose the area of a person where I know I can make a positive change.”

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