Dr. Patronella | Initial Consultation

-1“An engaging and informative atmosphere promotes trust and reassurance, while instilling confidence that your needs and goals are being appreciated. Clear communication regarding goals, expectations, limitations, and lifestyle is essential to the attainment of a successful aesthetic outcome” –Dr. Christopher Patronella

On your initial visit to the practice, Eva Cadena, Dr. Patronella’s patient coordinator of 20 years, will greet you and introduce you to his practice. Warm, caring, and down-to-earth, Eva will help you to feel comfortable and at ease while listening to your aesthetic concerns, goals for improvement, and answering any questions you may have.

In your consultation with Dr. Patronella, he will talk with you in order to understand your goals, vision, and expectations related to pursuing cosmetic plastic surgery. During the evaluation, he will assess these goals, and discuss with you any limitations in meeting them and his recommendations to achieve the best results for you.

Eva will then help you review the appropriate combination of services and options which Dr. Patronella has recommended, provide you with related educational materials, a price quote and financing options, and she will assist you with scheduling surgery and visits.

Eva and the entire professional and administrative staff of Dr. Patronella have been thoroughly trained to meet your needs while respecting your privacy and concerns. We look forward to meeting you and invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation or to discuss any questions you may have by calling 713-354-5118.

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