Maria Lopez

Joined ACPS in 2019

Maria is the ACPS MedSpa Kimberley Ln location office Supervisor, she works behind the scenes to help facilitate a patient experience and manage the day-to-day operations of our busy MedSpa. Maria was born in Mexico, raised in Florida, and moved to Houston in 2017. When she is not working Maria likes to take yoga and pilates classes. Maria is bilingual in English and Spanish.

FAVORITE MEDSPA PRODUCT: Alastin Skincare HydraTint SPF 35

Moon Serna

Joined ACPS in 2016

Moon has been with ACPS for 7 years. She has since been promoted to MedSpa supervisor for our Galleria/Post Oak Parkway location. Moon is fluent in English and Spanish. When she is not working she enjoys traveling with her family and her favorite destination is Cancun. Some of Moon’s Favorite Med Spa treatments are Ultherapy & Injectables.

FAVORITE MEDSPA TREATMENT: Ultherapy & Injectables.
FAVORITE MEDSPA PRODUCT: SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum & Alastin Restorative Complex

Ashley Mendoza

Joined ACPS in 2022

Ashley is a member of our Front Office Team. She has been in aesthetics for 7 years – previously specializing in IV Vitamin Therapy and Anti Aging Hormone Therapy in California. Ashley was born in Houston, TX but raised in California. She has two kids, one boy, and one girl. She also has two fur babies; an English bulldog and a mini dachshund. Some of her hobbies include trying new brunch places all over Houston and hanging out in her backyard with the kids while they play on their playground or jump on the trampoline. In her alone time, she loves to read books or listen to her favorite true crime podcast Morbid.

FAVORITE MEDSPA TREATMENT: Dysport (Wrinkle Reducer)
Favorite Skincare Product: Alastin Hydratint SPF

Cassie Bautista

Joined ACPS in 2022

She started off at the Front office and in 2023 she got promoted to be Heidi Fell’s assistant. She always has a smile on her face and you can always count on her to have a positive attitude. Cassie is also a proud mom of 2 and in her free time she enjoys making custom shirts, cups and stickers with her Cricut machine. Cassie is bilingual in English and Spanish.

FAVORITE MEDSPA TREATMENT: Injectable Fillers [Lips]
FAVORITE MEDSPA PRODUCT: Alastin Skincare HydraTint SPF 35

Avi Orozo

Joined ACPS in 2017
As an injectable coordinator to Christy Craig, NP, Avi helps ensure that Christy’s day-to-day runs smoothly and that her patients are taken care of. Prior to working in the Medspa, Avi was a highly training medical assistant in the ACPS clinic. Avi is bilingual in English and Spanish.


Marinnia Bright

Joined ACPS in 2023
Marinnia was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She had the wonderful opportunity to live in Alaska for 4 years. Marinnia’s hobbies include traveling, hunting and fishing with her spouse. Marinnia loves growing succulents and cacti.  She has 4 amazing grandchildren and 4 adorable fur babies!

FAVORITE MEDSPA PRODUCT:  Alastin HA  Immerse Serum.

Rozita Shirazi

Joined ACPS in 2023
Rozita has over 6 years experience in the aesthetic and plastic surgery industry. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Rozita loves to travel and explore different cultures. Rozita’s most recent trip was to South Korea. When not at work she likes to paint and workout. Rozita is bilingual in English and Farsi. 

FAVORITE MEDSPA PRODUCT:  Alastin Skincare Hydratint SPF