ACPS Fellowship Pricing

The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) Fellowship Program offers women and men a broad range of cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical procedures at a significantly reduced cost. The ACPS Fellowship is a one-year program that provides a fully-trained plastic surgeon with additional training to hone his/her expertise in aesthetic surgery. Every ACPS fellow has graduated from a plastic surgery residency and works under the supervision of ACPS surgeons. The fellowship offers patients the unique opportunity to have high-quality plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures at a lesser cost.
Our fellowship procedure prices include surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist’s fees, and operating room fees. Additional fees may also include vitamins, a home health visit a day or two following your procedure, overnight stay, and garments. The fees below vary, based upon the length of time you will be in the operating room and the recommendations of your doctor.

*Your cost may actually be more or less than the prices listed below. An exact cost can only be determined after your surgeon has examined you. This is an estimated starting price range, and prices are subject to change. An overnight stay may be necessary, and this can add an additional cost of $1200.

If you are interested in exploring the option of having a plastic surgical or nonsurgical procedure through the ACPS Fellowship program, you may schedule a Complimentary Virtual Consultation or contact the fellowship patient coordinator Adrianna Lopez at [email protected] or phone at 281-798-7104 

Breast Augmentation$3,900-5,200*
Breast Lift$4,000-6,000*
Breast Augmentation with Lift$6,000-8,000*
Breast Reduction$6,000-8,000*
Male Breast Reduction$3,500-5,000*
Tummy Tuck$6,500-8,000*
Buttock fat grafting (with lipo)$4,500-7,000*
Body Lift$7,000-11,000*
Thigh Lift$4,500-6,000*
Arm Lift$4,000-6,000*

Pricing of Injectables

Juvederm Ultra/Ultra Plus$650 per vial
Restylane$650 per vial
Perlane$650 per vial
Radiesse$700 for 0.8ml, $1000 for 1.5ml
Voluma$1200 per vial
Botox$14/per unit
Sculptra$800 per vial

Pricing of Minor Procedures

Scar revision (10 cm or less)$500 & up. Add $250 for every 5 cm over 10 cm
Earlobe repair$300 & up per ear*
Mole/lesion removal$100-200 & up per mole/lesion* depending on size/location