Facelift Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

Facelift Plastic Surgery Recovery Time | Houston | Katy | TexasFacelift is a major cosmetic surgery procedure that can help a person look more youthful by reducing facial wrinkles and tightening sagging facial skin and muscles. Recovery is an important part of the facelift procedure, and patients should have a clear understanding about it.
Once the patient knows the estimated recovery time, they can plan for the facelift surgery accordingly. The plastic surgeon will discuss the recovery aspect during the pre-operative consultations. The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) provides facelift to patients in Houston TX, and surrounding locations.

Immediate Post-Op Phase

Following the facelift plastic surgery, the face and head will be loosely bandaged to support healing and reduce bruising and swelling. The surgeon may insert a drainage tube behind the patient’s ear to prevent fluid build-up below the skin. Pain medications for the first few days will be provided to keep the patient comfortable.
Swelling, numbness, and discoloration of skin in the treated areas my last for about two weeks. In the first few days, the dressings and incisions should be kept dry until the cosmetic surgeon suggests showering is okay. The head should be maintained in an elevated position as far as possible in the first few days. Stitches are likely to be removed around the end of the first week.

Healing Period

Recovery period and downtime in case of facelift will usually be around one to two weeks, depending on the extent of surgery and the type of facelift technique applied. Patients can return to work after this initial period of rest and recovery. If the patient has received an endoscopic facelift, the downtime will only be around three to five days.
Certain restrictions may be placed for a longer period, such as wearing earrings, blow-drying the hair or using sauna and steam bath. In the first week, light walking around the home is encouraged to promote blood flow. Heavy housework, strenuous exercises, lifting heavy weights, and sexual activity should be avoided for about two weeks following surgery.
Smoking and alcohol should be avoided for several weeks to allow for safer and faster results and minimal scarring. A balanced diet should be followed and lean protein intake should be higher initially to support quicker healing. The ACPS receives patients from Houston, TX, and nearby areas for facelift surgery.

Pain and Discomfort

While a majority of patients report only minor pain or discomfort following a facelift, the surgeon may prescribe pain medication for the first few days to ensure total comfort for the patient. If sudden or severe and persistent pain occurs in the incision areas, the patient should contact the surgeon promptly. Mild numbness in the treated areas is expected, and it will fade gradually on its own.

Swelling and Bruising

Initial swelling is likely to be pronounced, but the patient should not feel discouraged by it. It will begin to subside from the second week and gradually get eliminated completely. Bruising will be conspicuous in the beginning, particularly around the eyes. Most of it will disappear in about two weeks. Scarring will become progressively less noticeable over a few months.
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