ACPS Advances Brazilian Butt Lift Safety

39281934_1053815648128224_8143437333870411776_nACPS surgeons’ article on improving the safety of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery with fat grafting, published in the distinguished Aesthetic Surgery Journal in July 2018, was recognized as an “Editor’s Choice” article for 2018. In the article, Safest Practices for Fat Grafting to the Buttocks using a Roller Pump Injection Technique, the surgeons describe the Brazilian Butt Lift method they developed in 2009, which is safer and more time and cost efficient than many other fat grafting methods to the buttocks. Their study, one of the largest to date, is based upon a chart review of 916 of their patients who under went the procedure.
In 2017, the Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer was one of the nation’s fastest growing plastic surgery procedures. “Our practice has seen a dramatic increase in the number of patients wishing for the autologous buttock augmentation as well as an increase in the volume required to meet their goals. The roller pump injection technique has helped us to be able to meet this demand by facilitating large volume fat grafting in a way that is both rapid and safe,” the group states in the article. With the roller pump injection technique, the surgeons reverse the liposuction mechanism to pump fat into the areas where it is desired for added volume. Prior to this step, the fat is removed from areas where it is unwanted, such as the waist and abdomen, through liposuction.

ACPS surgeons presented their recommendations at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) annual meeting, where they’ve been invited for multiple years to teach one of the only body contouring safety courses offered at the event. ACPS surgeons are internationally recognized for the techniques they’ve introduced to improve plastic surgery safety and results. Many of their groundbreaking strategies to make plastic surgery safer have become widely adopted globally.