Why Winter is a Hot Time for Plastic Surgery

By Sherri Roberts
299x316The best time to have plastic surgery is a highly individual matter, but winter (where the climate is cold, that is) is a particularly popular time for several good reasons:

1. Cooler temps = warmer clothes and more coverage

Since cooler temps dictate bundling up, long-sleeves, and pants, it’s easy to conceal bandages during recovery from a plastic surgery procedure. In addition, some body contouring procedures, including liposuction and tummy tuck surgery, require patients to wear a compression garment for several weeks following surgery to reduce swelling and help the body conform to its new contours as it heals. This added layer is typically more comfortable this time of year compared to warmer months when less clothing is the norm.

2. Time off from work

Most cosmetic plastic surgical procedures require a minimum recovery time of about one week or more depending upon the procedure or procedure combination that is performed. Since many people have extra time off from work and extracurricular activities during the holidays, it’s a convenient time for many to schedule surgery, recovery and postoperative follow-up visits.

3. Oh the weather outside is frightful…

While a winter wonderland can be a sparkling, magical sight to behold, let’s face it, frigid outdoor temps typically make indoor activities a more appealing choice compared to warmer days, when blue, sunny skies beckon us outside. The natural inclination to hibernate a bit more this time of year is a good fit calendar-wise for the temporary activity restriction and slower pace recuperation from surgery requires.

4. Perfect timing for spring break and summer vacation

If you’d like to be swimsuit ready for spring break and summer, having cosmetic plastic procedure in the fall or winter allows time for healing and recovery so you are looking and feeling good when balmier days arrive.
While scheduling cosmetic plastic surgery in the fall and winter has its benefits, the ideal season to undergo a procedure ultimately is a subjective decision—one that varies from person to person depending upon factors such as family, work, vacation, and caregiver schedules. Rest assured, plastic surgeons at The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) perform thousands of plastic surgery procedures for satisfied patients every month of they year, including the blazing days of summer.
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