What is an en bloc Capsulectomy breast implant removal?

What is an en bloc Capsulectomy breast implant removal? | HoustonAn en bloc capsulectomy refers to the withdrawal of the breast implant and the tissue that has developed around it to restore the patient’s health. This procedure is usually not performed for cosmetic reasons. It is carried out when the capsule around the implant has contracted or become damaged, or the implant is punctured or to eliminate any problematic capsular tissue.
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Meaning of “en bloc”

En bloc (“in a single block” or “as a whole”) refers to the removal of the breast implant and the scar tissue that has grown around it (the capsule) as a single block of tissue. This surgical technique offers certain advantages for the patient’s health and safety. En bloc implant removal reduces the possibility of breaking the implant or unsettling the capsule, either of which could lead to further problems. 
The alternatives to this technique are to take out only the implant, while leaving the capsular tissue inside. The precise procedure will vary depending on several factors that the surgeon will assess during your consultation.

Factors to be Considered

The decision will take into account the following factors:

  • Whether it is necessary to remove just the implant or both the implant and the capsule.
  • The location and the type of incision that is required (usually inframammary, or in the crease under the breast) to access the area in the most suitable manner.
  • If any (and which) part of the capsule may have stuck to other surrounding tissues and whether more risk is involved in trying to remove it from the underlying ribcage.

Should the Implant be Replaced?

This is an individual decision. However, the patient needs to keep in mind,  the fact that even with saline implants, the shell is made of silicone. A number of women decide to replace silicone with saline, or have their breasts restored to their original size with a customized breast implant removal surgery. If you have saline or silicone or textured implants, you might want to replace them with new, smooth implants.

Duration of the Procedure and the Recovery Period

An en bloc capsulectomy procedure does not require an overnight stay at the hospital. The surgery will be completed in about two to three hours. The recovery period usually involves a week off from work, if the patient works in an office, or a little longer if the job involves strenuous physical activity. The recovery time will vary depending on the current health of the patient and the kind of implant removal procedure performed.

Alternatives to Replace the Implants to Ensure Attractive Breast Shape

Some options for adding volume or recontouring the breast include:
A breast lift, for which there are many different techniques available.
Fat grafting, which uses liposuction to collect fat from other parts of the body (usually the tummy, thighs or buttocks). The donor fat is then cleaned to remove the fatty tissue from other types of tissue, and then injected into the woman’s breast.
However, two pre-requisites for fat grafting should be noted:
First, there must be adequate fat somewhere else on the body to be available for grafting in the breasts. Secondly, there must be an appropriate location in the area of the breast that has enough tissue for the fat to be injected into it and give the required support to the graft. 
Cosmetic surgeons at the ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for breast implant removal.

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