What is a Neck Lift?

Neck Lift

Neck lift plastic surgery houstonA neck lift cosmetic surgery procedure is designed to enhance the neck appearance by tightening loose skin and underlying muscles and improving the jawline contour.
Neck lift may be performed as a standalone procedure, but is often combined with a facelift, cheek lift or liposuction surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) provide neck lift to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding communities.

Cosmetic Enhancement

Neck lift surgery creates a sculpted and slimmer appearance of the neck, which will make a person look younger. In many cases, it can give the impression that a person has achieved weight loss, even though it is only a body contouring surgery. More substantive and natural looking outcomes can be created when neck lift is performed in conjunction with a facelift surgery.
When excess neck skin is removed and underlying muscles are tightened, it will also improve the jowly effect to reveal an enhanced jawline. If the patient has excess fatty tissue deposits in the neck, a liposuction surgery of the neck may be combined with neck lift to create a more attractive and slimmer neck appearance.


Neck lift plastic surgery procedure is usually performed on women and men above the age of 40, when the neck skin typically begins to sag. The average candidate will have one or more of the following characteristics for neck lift surgery:

  • Skin is damaged in the neck area due to sun and wind exposure over the years
  • Excess fat pockets in the neck have led to the appearance of a double chin
  • A turkey wattle neck is notable due to sagging neck skin
  • Pronounced jowly look due to the presence of excess skin and fat under the jaws
  • Conspicuous wrinkles, folds and creases in the neck area


If the candidate only requires minimal neck contouring, the surgeon may recommend just neck liposuction. However, where a full neck lift surgery must be performed, the following steps will be a part of the procedure:

  • The patient will be placed under general or local anesthesia and sedation
  • Incisions will be discreetly placed below the chin or behind the ears or both, depending on the chosen surgical technique
  • The platysma muscle will be tightened and sutured together to lift the neck
  • Loose skin and excess fat tissue will be removed
  • Remaining skin and tissue will be carefully repositioned and secured with sutures to create smooth neck contour
  • Incisions will be closed with sutures, and temporary drain tubes may be placed in the incision areas before the wounds are bandaged

Experienced cosmetic surgeons at the ACPS receive patients for neck lift and various other procedures from Houston, Texas, TX, and other cities and communities in this part of the country.


A full neck lift procedure may involve a downtime of about one week. The patient should take plenty of rest during this time, but perform short walks and light activities at home. The surgeon may prescribe pain meds and antibiotics for a few days. Sutures and drain tubes may be removed at the end of the first week. Most patients can return to their normal routine at this point, but should avoid strenuous activities for another two to three weeks.
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