Thinning Hair/Baldness

We are excited to offer NeoGraft, a fabulous new solution for thinning hair and male/female pattern baldness. This condition, which can be devastating to self-esteem and negatively affect interpersonal relationships and professional lives, impacts approximately 50 million men and 30 million women. NeoGraft10928830_1000657129958857_6265963933441117339_n uses a patented, minimally-invasive technology to safely, quickly and effectively restore hair while avoiding the most common drawbacks of other hair transplantation methods such as the long linear scar characteristic of the strip method of hair transplantation. NeoGraft requires no scalpel incision, stitches or staples, and patients typically can return to work the day after treatment. Read more about NeoGraft.
Are you interested in learning more about NeoGraft and if it’s right for you? Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of ACPS’s award-winning surgeons.

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