Breast Enhancement Surgery Before & After
Breast enhancement is the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US at present, just behind liposuction. Very high success rates with both saline and silicone gel breast implants have led to a growing number of women seeking this procedure every year. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss all aspects of the breast enhancement surgery.
An experienced plastic surgeon will usually provide breast enhancement before and after photographs to the patient to let them know about the potential effectiveness of the surgery and help them make an informed decision. The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery is a premier practice offer breast enhancement and various other procedures to patients in Houston TX, and surrounding communities.
Before and After Photo Gallery

What are Breast Enhancement Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of breast enhancement plastic surgery refer to a set of pictures belonging to a previous patient who has undergone the same surgery with successful results. The set includes images taken prior to the procedure and after the procedure at a stage when swelling and bruising has subsided and full effects of breast augmentation are visible.
The cosmetic surgeon will obtain these photos with the patient’s consent and present them before new patients in an appropriate and discreet manner. The only intent behind these photos is to use them as a visual aid to educate new patients about various aspects of breast enhancement. With these pictures, the new patient will know what the procedure can or cannot do for her.
The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery is a leading practice offering breast enhancement and various other procedures for the breast, body and face. The practice receives patients from Houston TX, and nearby areas.


When a woman is considering a primary breast enhancement procedure, she may not have a very clear understanding of how the surgery may improve her overall appearance or how it may help to meet her personal aesthetic goals. Some women may have excessively sagging skin requiring a combination of breast enhancement and breast lift.
The candidate will also have to consider choices such as the type, size, and shape of breast implants, the location of incisions, and the placement position of implants in the breast tissue. For a new patient, it can be a difficult proposition to make the right choices. This is where the surgeon may use breast enhancement before and after photos to help the patient to have a clearer view.
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Realistic Expectations

Patients with realistic expectations will usually achieve a higher level of satisfaction from the final results. Therefore, an experienced surgeon will show breast enhancement before and after photos at the very outset to enable the patient to make a well-considered decision. This will mitigate the risk of any disappointment or misunderstanding occurring at a later stage.

Website Photos

The surgeon may choose to provide breast enhancement before and after photos on their practice website. Potential patients can simply view the photos online and obtain a fair idea about the effectiveness of the surgery prior to visiting the surgeon’s office for a breast enhancement consultation. This can reduce the chances of any surprises that a patient could have during the consultation or certainly after the surgery itself. This makes the entire process more amicable for everyone involved.
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