Breast Lift Surgeon in Houston

The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery logoA breast lift cosmetic surgery procedure is likely to have a substantive impact on a woman’s appearance for years to come. Therefore, she should be able to select a surgeon who can create aesthetically superior and sustainable results that are tailored to meet her personal needs and aspirations.
When a woman knows what attributes to look for in a plastic surgeon for breast lift, she can make a well-informed choice and feel more satisfied in the long run. The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery is a state of the art practice led by outstanding plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The practice provides breast lift surgery to patients in Houston TX, and surrounding areas.

Accreditation of the Surgeon

One of the key criteria that a patient should consider while choosing a surgeon for breast lift plastic surgery is whether the surgeon is board certified, and from which board. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the foremost recognized board for such accreditation. When a surgeon has this certification, the patient can be reassured that the surgeon must have completed at least three to five years of medical training, with at least two of those years focused on plastic surgery.
Furthermore, to maintain this accreditation, the surgeon will be required to pursue ongoing training and take new exams every 10 years. Such a rigorous accreditation process ensures that the surgeon is fully abreast with latest surgical techniques and safety protocols. Other professional memberships and activities of the cosmetic surgeon also indicate their level of professional engagement and stature in the plastic surgery community.

Experience in Mastopexy

Breast lift surgery is a specialized procedure, and best outcomes can be expected when the surgeon has performed many breast surgeries over the years, including mastopexy procedures in particular. When the surgeon has treated many patients, they are well-versed with even the most peculiar nuances in the breast anatomy and have a clear idea of the right surgical approach to them.
Experienced surgeons are better equipped to handle emergencies as well as complications, however rarely these may arise. Over the years they have perfected the surgical techniques and introduced innovations to make breast lift less invasive and more effective. A dedicated surgeon will not adopt a cookie cutter approach, and will customize a breast lift according to the unique needs of a patient.

Past Patient Feedback

One of the best endorsements for any breast lift surgeon can be the appreciation they receive from a past patient. While choosing a breast lift surgeon, a new patient should request for access to testimonials of earlier patients. They may also take a look at the online reviews and comments about the surgeon from previous patients.
The surgeon will usually have a collection of breast lift before and after photos of previous patients, which a new patient must review. If the patient feels satisfied after going through the past results, she may select the surgeon for her breast lift procedure. The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery receives patients from Houston TX, and nearby locations.
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