Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter

Winter is when to start thinking about being confident in the summer.

Winter is when to start thinking about how you want to feel in the summer.

Now is the time to make a plan to reach your summer goal.  It might be hard to think about that swim suit while the days are still cold but now is the time.  Summer bodies are made in the winter.

No one wants to feel uncomfortable when you are supposed to be enjoying a day at the beach or water park.  The years of missed New Year’s resolutions can add up.   Many of us are not looking to shed just a few pounds but have serious goals to achieve before we will feel confident in a swimsuit again.  Winter is the time to define your goal and how you are going to achieve them.

Medicine is rapidly changing and although there is still no magic pill there are newer and safer ways to medically lose weight.  These options can be part of your plan to achieve your goal along with diet and exercise and yes, plastic surgery.    At the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) we pride ourselves on selling confidence, not just plastic surgery.  That means that we are experts in these areas beyond just plastic surgery including medical weight loss.

PLASTIC SURGERY: Plastic surgery is a great option to quickly reach your goals.  In fact, in many cases plastic surgery is your only option.  Many cosmetic issues that prevent you from feeling confident can’t be fixed with diet and exercise.  Some of the more common procedures patients consider when looking towards the summer include liposuction, liposculpting, tummy tucks, breast procedures like breast augmentation, breast reductions and breast lifts, as well as full mommy makeovers and the infamous Brazilian buttlift.  Although these procedures are done in a day in outpatient surgery recovery times vary not to mention good plastic surgeons are generally booked out a month or more.  If you are considering plastic surgery as part of your goals to achieve that summer confidence then the winter is the time to book that consultation.

THE SKINNY SHOT: ACPS has also embarked on a medical weight loss program.  Our surgeons have worked hard evaluating the different options coming on the market and have faith in the medical drug Semaglutide.  This generic name covers several well known medications used for controlling Type 2 Diabetes and yes, weight management.  It has been on the market for many years with a relatively safe medical profile.  It’s been made famous by the media who have coined the term, The Skinny Shot.  It has become a great option for our patients in 2 ways:  1) prior to surgery to reduce someone’s weight from an unhealthy level to a level acceptable for surgical services, and 2) after surgery as a way to refine the improvements made with plastic surgery.

How does it work:  Semaglutide increase your body’s natural secretion of insulin.  It is highly effective and has few side effects.  You can learn more about the science of this medication by visiting The ACPS Weight Loss Program.

The ACPS weight loss program is a 16-week regimen of Semaglutide administered once per week.  What sets our program apart from the average in Houston is the level of oversight provided by our surgeons and the medical team.   To qualify for the program which is run through our MedSpa is an initial physical exam by one of our ACPS surgeons as well as benchmark labs.   Your ACPS surgeon will evaluate your candidacy for the program and clear prescribe you the medication.  Then our MedSpa nursing staff provides your training and follow-up throughout the 16 weeks.   Our surgeons will always be available to you to ensure the highest level of safety and satisfaction.

Expected Results:  Most patients are losing one pound per week.  This is generally accepted as a safe weight loss pace.  Patients achieving this level of weigh loss are generally not doing much more than take the medication.  Many of our patients are using Semaglutide in combination with diet and exercise which accelerates the results.  One of the major reasons diets fail early is due lack of results.  The use of the medication in conjunction with diet and exercising has been very satisfying for our patients.

SUMMER BODIES ARE MADE IN THE WINTER:  If you are ready to begin your journey we encourage you to call us at (713) 799-9999 now.  Our caring doctors will help you create a plan that gives you the confidence you want.