Solutions for Sagging Breasts

As we age, our skin loses elasticity. Unfortunately, this takes a toll on the breasts, causing them to sag. In addition, fluctuating breast volume due to weight changes and/or pregnancy contributes to a loss of breast firmness. The good news is a shapely, firm appearance  can be restored to the breasts through one or more cosmetic plastic surgery procedures: Breast augmentation with implants, breast lift surgery or breast augmentation combined with breast lift surgery.
ACPS surgeon Dr. Chris Patronella says,  “Determining which option is the best fit for you will be dependent on factors such as the degree of sagging you are experiencing and your aesthetic goals including:  Do you want a more natural look or one that is more artificial? Do you desire a soft or a firmer feel? Is your objective to have more fullness at the top or do you prefer a sloping breast appearance? Knowing the answers to these questions will help your ACPS plastic surgeon recommend the ideal solution for you.
“Breast augmentation alone for rejuvenation is best for a woman who has mild sagging and very little breast tissue. This is because the implant will fill out the space and restore the breast to a more normal position. That is almost never possible with a  woman who has larger breasts, such as a C cup, which sag moderately. The implant in that condition cannot really lift the breast because there is too much tissue that will fall in front of the implants. In that case, often an implant and a lift is necessary.
The condition where a lift alone might be the appropriate approach would be a woman who has a fairly full, say a D or DD cup, but has a really good skin tone and enough breast tissue to restore upper pole fullness, and that person is seeking a perkier breast appearance rather than a more artificial one. Each woman has a very unique set of goals and a very individual condition. For that reason, the surgical plan must be and customized to fit each person’s needs.”
If you are interested in transforming the appearance of your breasts, whether that be improving their lift, volume or both, contact us today to schedule your consultation with an ACPS surgeon.