Questions to Ask Your Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) Surgeon

Questions to Ask Your Tummy Tuck Surgeon | Houston Plastic SurgeryTummy tuck cosmetic surgery procedure is a personal journey for a patient, and the decision to go ahead with the procedure should be made after careful deliberation and discussion with the surgeon. During the pre-op consultation, the patient will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their concerns and doubts about the surgeon, the procedure and the practice.
Best satisfaction levels in tummy tuck will be attained by patients who have made a well-considered choice after addressing all their concerns. A committed plastic surgeon will provide accurate and detailed answers to all questions of the patient. ACPS provides tummy tuck and various other procedures to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding communities.

Questions about the Surgeon

  • Are you board certified in plastic surgery?
  • How long have you trained and worked in the field of plastic surgery?
  • Do you have specific past experience in tummy tuck surgery, and what is your success rate in this procedure?
  • Do you have operating privileges at a local hospital or surgical center?
  • In case of an emergency, will your practice be equipped to offer support?
  • Do you have a policy for revision surgeries, if I am dissatisfied with the results of tummy tuck?
  • Do you receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for this procedure?

Questions about Tummy Tuck

  • Am I a suitable candidate for tummy tuck surgery?
  • What would be the appropriate abdominoplasty technique in my case?
  • Would you recommend general or local anesthesia to perform tummy tuck?
  • How long will it take inside the operating room, and can I return home the same day?
  • Am I required to do certain advance preparation for the surgery?
  • Can I have access to a few tummy tuck before and after images of your previous patients?

Questions about Recovery

  • Is the recovery period going to be long or painful?
  • How many days of leave should I apply at my workplace?
  • Are there any steps to make the recovery simpler and faster?
  • What are the post-operative risks and complications that I should know of?
  • When will I be able to recover completely and resume my full routine, including vigorous activities?

Questions about Costs

  • What would be the overall cost of tummy tuck surgery?
  • Does your quote include pre- and post-surgical expenses?
  • Does the cost reduce if I choose to have the procedure performed at a surgery center instead of a hospital?
  • Will I have to pay additionally for post-operative appointments?
  • If I choose two or more procedures as a combination, will I be eligible for a package price or a rebate?
  • Will your office be able to guide me with respect to health insurance and financing?

The cosmetic surgeon will provide all answers in a patient-friendly language, but the patient should still ask a question twice if they are unclear about any answer. The list of questions should ideally be prepared in advance to carry along to the surgeon’s office for the appointment. ACPS receives patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for tummy tuck surgery.
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