Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a delicate cosmetic surgery procedure because it is involves the eyes. The patient should ask questions during the initial consultation and try to learnEyelid Surgery Risks and Safety | Houston Plastic Surgery | Texas as much as possible about the procedure and the practice before making a final decision.
A committed surgeon will provide detailed answers to all questions and address any concerns and doubts of the patient to their complete satisfaction.
A well-informed patient will be better prepared for the surgery and will often feel more satisfied with the overall final results. Board certified plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) provide eyelid surgery to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding locations in the illustrious Lone Star State.

How long have you worked in the area of plastic surgery and what kind of training did you receive?

The patient should know about how many years of surgical training and experience the cosmetic surgeon has, and whether they have received specific training in plastic surgery procedures for a certain period.
Surgeons with thorough training and experience will be better placed to handle any unexpected situation in the operating room, and will be able to create customized results in a less invasive way.

Do you have a board certification in plastic surgery?

The surgeon should preferably be a board certified in plastic surgery. Board certification from a reputed board indicates that a surgeon stands out in terms of their training, commitment and previous track record of performance.
These surgeons typically invest in high quality standards and best practices, pursue continuing education, adopt cutting edge surgical techniques, and follow the current safety protocols. Board certified plastic surgeons would have undergone a certain minimum number of years of training in plastic surgery, and would usually enjoy higher success rates in most procedures.

Where would you perform the eyelid surgery procedure?

Eyelid surgery can be performed at a hospital, an accredited surgical center, or a private surgical suite. Each option has its own benefits.
A few large practices may have state of the art in-house surgical centers. The patient should also inquire from the surgeon whether the eyelid surgery procedure would be performed using general or local anesthesia and IV sedation.

How much will be the cost of the procedure?

Eyelid surgery is normally considered an elective procedure, which means that the insurance coverage may not be possible. Therefore, the patient should clearly ask about the estimated costs of the surgery, including the pre- and post-surgical expenses. The surgeon’s office may also be able to guide or assist the patient about a few good financing options.

What are the potential risks and complications?

While eyelid surgery is considered a very safe procedure, it will still involve certain risks that are typically associated with a surgery. On top of this, the upper and lower eyelids are highly sensitive areas, and it is vital to choose a skilled surgeon to minimize the risks. The patient should be aware of the potential risks in order to make a well-informed choice.
Prudent cosmetic surgeons at the ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and other towns and cities in this part of the country for eyelid surgery.
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