Meet Patient Coordinator Cindy Solis

patient educator

Cindy Solis – Patient Coordinator

As Dr. Fortes’ patient coordinator Cindy Solis loves her job, especially since it involves helping people. Her mission is the ACPS vision: “The Best You Is What We Do. ” Beloved for her kind and energetic personality, Cindy is gifted at helping patients to feel at ease at every step of their plastic surgery experience.

Cindy has been a rising start at ACPS.  She first joined ACPS in 2018 and was soon promoted to our patient educator team and then to Dr. Fortes’ personal patient coordinator.  She is intelligent, hard working and empathetic to all patients.

Cindy is a proud mom of one wonderful teenage girl.  She understands what a women’s body goes through and how important it is for a women to feel confident.  She is the perfect advocate for Dr. Fortes’ patients.

We invite you to emailor call Cindy directly at 713-354-5123 with any questions you’d like to discuss.