Initial Consultation: What to Expect

-1Your initial consultation with Dr. Mentz will take place at the Galleria Location, 4400 Post Oak Parkway. Here you will meet Dr. Mentz and his patient coordinator, AnaLisa Cole.
AnaLisa will greet you and talk with you briefly about the procedure you are interested in. From there, she will take photos of areas you’re interested in improving and use a computer imager to get a better idea of the results you are looking for. While this imager cannot predict actual surgical results, it helps AnaLisa and Dr. Mentz better understand the look you desire. Feel free to ask AnaLisa any questions you have about the doctor, the surgery experience, or other procedures you might be interested in.

Next, you will meet with Dr. Mentz, who will go over the procedure goals you discussed with AnaLisa. This is your opportunity to ask Dr. Mentz any questions about him, his credentials, or the surgical process.

Lastly, AnaLisa will present you with a price quote for your procedure. She can also present you with available appointment dates if you have made a decision and are ready to move forward with your surgery.

We understand the decision to have surgery is a delicate one, and we want to do everything we can to make your experience a positive one. Please call AnaLisa if you have any other questions before you come in for your initial consultation appointment, 713-799-9999.