Dr. Mentz’s Philosophy on Aesthetic Surgery

“A keen aesthetic sense and devotion to detail
are paramount in every procedure.”
– Henry Mentz

In my 25 years of professional practice, I have learned that regardless of the procedure, all of my patients desire to look natural and balanced. It is my goal that procedures give patients their desired look with minimal scarring and lasting results.

My training in facial plastic surgery taught me that facial aging happens in four ways, and to truly reverse signs of aging you have to address each of these four elements. They are skin laxity, skin quality deterioration, facial volume loss, and soft tissue descent. I have spent 25 years studying and perfecting the art of face lift surgery, developing techniques to give my patients a youthful, rejuvenated look without the startling appearance of “having work done.”

With body contouring and breast enhancement, my goal is to give my patients freedom of lifestyle, so they are no longer encumbered by the negative aspects of their physique. These procedures can have a profound impact on the types of activities you feel comfortable doing and the clothing you are comfortable wearing. Restoring bedroom confidence is something that I have seen dramatically change the lives of patients and their marriage.

Over the past two decades I have seen a variety of trends in what patients want in regard to body contouring. Years ago, women would come in wanting all their fat removed. Today, they are looking for curves in the right places, and wanting their fat to be redistributed to other areas rather than just removed. It’s a very refreshing trend to see as a plastic surgeon.

I take great pride in my occupation and helping others achieve their appearance goals. Aesthetic surgery is much more than a physical transformation. I firmly believe that your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself, and unfortunately our physical appearance is where we are most self-critical.

Too often I hear my surgical patients say, “I wish I would have done this ten years ago.” This is not your practice life, this is it. So choose today, start becoming the best you.