Contributions to the Field of Plastic Surgery


  • Elegance in Structure Rhinoplasty 1992
  • Weekend Facial Rejuvenation 1996
  • New Endoscopic approaches to Facelifts 1997
  • Minimal incision Facelift, “the cutting edge” 1999
  • Youthful eyes with scarless procedures 2001
  • Textbook chapter defining specific facelift strategies 2001
  • Improved Facelift Strategies for better SMAS lifting 2004
  • Teaching international courses for browlifts, facelifts, and necklifts 2004
  • Research with Isolagen®, fibroblasts to remove wrinkles 2004-05
  • Introduced the “Liquid Facelift,” layering BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane®, and Radiesse® 2005
  • Developed new uses for stem cells including fat grafts for facial rejuvenation 2004 -07
  • Wrote and published a chapter for the textbook, Advanced Surgical Facelift Rejuvenation 2009


  • Trained with the inventor of breast implants and worked on implant research teams, 1989
  • Invented Abdominal Etching® specialized liposculpture for the six-pack, 1993
  • Introduced Modified Abdominal Etching® for the athletic abdomen. Presented in 1995
  • Improved Safety in Large Volume Liposuction, 1999
  • New uses for fat grafts in buttock enhancement and reconstructive surgeries
  • Invented Single Puncture Gynecomastia Reduction to minimize the visible scar, 2004
  • Invented Pectoral Muscle Etching® for men. First to perform in 2004
  • Improved Safety in Private Surgery Centers, 2001
  • First to publish on Local Anesthetic Pain Pumps in Abdominoplasty to reduce recovery time, 2004
  • Developed a safer approach for Breast Lifts with Implants. Presented in 2007.
  • ASAPS Instructor in Advanced Liposuction Techniques for Male Athletic Body Contouring, 2009
  • ASAPS Instructor in Advanced techniques for Buttock Augmentation and Shaping, 2009
  • First to publish on long-acting local anesthetic to reduce pain in Abdominoplasty and Breast Augmentation, 2013