Initial Consultation: What to Expect

Your initial consultation with Dr. Newall will take place at the Galleria Location, 4400 Post Oak Parkway. Here you will meet Dr. Newall and his patient coordinator, Patricia Escobar.
Patricia will introduce you to the practice and make sure you are comfortable discussing your appearance goals and desires for surgery with the doctor. She may ask you questions about your medical history and the particular procedures you are interested in. Feel free to ask her any questions you may have at this time.

After your brief meeting with Patricia, you will meet with Dr. Newall. This is your opporunity to ask the physician any questions you have about him or the procedure. If you are interested in a breast or body procedure, he may ask you to undress for an evaluation during this consultation appointment. After you have consulted with the doctor, Patricia will give you a price quote for your particular surgery. If you have reached a decision to move forward with surgery, you and Patricia can choose a surgery date and schedule a pre-op appointment. Otherwise, patients can take time to think about the decision, discuss with family members, or research other options.

We understand that meeting with a plastic surgeon can be an intimidating experience and we want to do everything we can to make you comfortable at our office. Please call Patricia if you have any other questions before you come in for your initial consultation appointment, 713-799-9999.