Neck Lift Procedure Steps

Neck Lift 

facelift 2Neck lift cosmetic surgery procedure involves a few key steps, which will be performed by a qualified surgeon along with their team inside the operating room. Neck lift will primarily require reduction of excess skin from the neck area, but in some cases, underlying loose neck muscles may also be restructured.
The surgeon will discuss the steps involved in the procedure at the time of initial neck lift consultation. A dedicated surgeon will like to educate the patient about all aspects of neck lift and help them make a well-considered choice. Board certified and terrific plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery provide neck lift to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and other cities and communities in The Lone Star State.


Prior to the neck lift surgery, the patient will be required to make some preparation in order to ensure a safe and predictable procedure. The surgeon will instruct the patient to refrain from consuming tobacco, excessive alcohol, excessive fatty and sugary foods as well as blood thinners, NSAIDs, and certain vitamin and herbal supplements.
These restrictions may be in place for a few weeks before the procedure. The surgeon or their team will also give instructions for the day of the neck lift plastic surgery. They should arrange for transportation and aftercare, as required, to ensure a comfortable post-operative recovery phase.


Neck lift may be performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. This decision will be made at the time of surgical planning. In case of general anesthesia, the patient will be fully unconscious through the surgery. An anesthesiologist or a certified nurse anesthetist will perform general anesthesia.
Once the surgery is completed, the patient will be brought out of anesthesia, but mild side effects will linger on for a few hours. Prolific and hardworking cosmetic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for a neck lift.

Incision Placement

A neck lift can be performed using small incisions, but their size and location will depend on the customized surgical plan prepared during consultation. In most cases, the incisions will be placed under the chin and behind the ears to keep them hidden. Small incisions will heal quickly and permanent scarring will be minimal.
If neck lift surgery is performed in conjunction with facelift or neck liposuction surgery, the incision placement may vary, but the surgeon will try to use the same incisions for the entire surgery.

Surgical Procedure

A simple fat reduction surgery in the neck region may be necessary in some cases to create a sculpted and shapely neck appearance. But in other cases, significant removal of neck skin and fat may be involved along with tightening of underlying neck muscles to produce more dramatic outcomes.
In such cases, the fat tissue from the neck may be removed through surgical excision instead of liposuction. A small portion of the platysma muscle may have to be removed to tighten the slack neck muscles.

Closing the Incisions

Once the surgery is completed, the surgeon will re-drape the remaining skin over the neck and pull it taut. The incisions will be carefully closed with traditional or dissolvable sutures.
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