Dr. Fortes – The Mommy Makeover Specialist

As one of Houston’s premier mommy makeover specialists, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Fortes incorporates numerous alluring details to achieve exceptional results—giving a woman a sexy new body that often looks even better than it did before having children, as many of his patients express. Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Fortes combines the scientific rigor of plastic surgery with his native artistic sensibility to customize and craft superior results that reflect his precision and vision to create the unique masterpiece that each woman represents.

Typically a mommy makeover involves a combination of procedures to restore a shapely, lifted look to sagging, deflated breasts and tightening the loose skin and muscles of the abdomen to created a svelte, toned abdominal appearance. In addition, Dr. Fortes focuses on creating more ideal proportions by correcting some of the most common aesthetic concerns women face after having babies such as “saddle bags,” heavy thighs, a muffin top (caused by excess fat and/or skin around the waist area), and flab that bulges around the bra line. Dr. Fortes often removes excess fat to improve the shape of certain areas and transfers this fat to regions that are disproportionately flat or small such as the buttocks.

Dr. Fortes is attentive to sculpting the subtle accents that add beauty. This might involve removing fat from the lower back to enhance its elegant contour as it transitions to the shapely curve of the buttocks. In a tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Fortes meticulously rejuvenates the navel, which is often left stretched out and inverted outward by pregnancy. In addition to restoring its tight, inward contour, Dr. Fortes gives the belly button a small, slightly hooded effect, which is one of the common characteristics an attractive navel.

While the physical transformation of mommy makeover surgery can be dramatic and long lasting, Dr. Fortes has found that it often has a profoundly life-changing impact on their confidence and spirit, as well. The greater confidence women derive from feeling more attractive and satisfied with their bodies often empowers them to be more open and engaged with others. Dr. Fortes considers this one of the most rewarding aspects of mommy makeover surgery, helping women to live better lives not only for themselves but also for the people close to them.

As a board certified plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Fortes commitment to excellence is reflected in the many prestigious achievements and honors he’s attained throughout his education and career. After graduating Magna cum laude from Rice University, Dr. Fortes completed an extensive, rigorous 8-year surgical residency, including three years of specialization as a cosmetic surgeon at the Northwestern Medical Center in Chicago. Year after year, Dr. Fortes has been named one of Houston’s top doctors in plastic surgery in polls published in H Texas, Houstonia, and Health and Fitness magazines.

Dr. Fortes uses the latest and proven techniques for the breast body and face, providing his patients with both nonsurgical and surgical options to achieve aesthetic improvement. He works closes with each of the members of his team, which includes is patient coordinator Denise Bautista, nurses, estheticians and massage therapist, to ensure every patient receives attentive, personalized care and a satisfying experience from start to finish.

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