Med Spa Services: Cellulite Treatment With Cellfina

Cellulite Treatment With Cellfina

Unsightly cellulite can appear with pregnancy, aging, sun exposure, and other factors. Cellfina is a unique minimally invasive procedure. It is ideal for people looking to get rid of stubborn cellulite without undergoing a cosmetic surgery. The treatment reduces stubborn cellulite from the buttocks and thighs without involving cosmetic surgery.

The Cellfina System is an FDA approved and clinically proven treatment that improves the appearance of cellulite. Results are known to last for a minimum period of two years. Cellfina is one of the first FDA cleared treatments that is exclusively designed to help improve cellulite appearance.

Board certified plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) provide safe and proven non-surgical med spa services, including cellulite treatment with Cellfina to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding communities.

Structural Correction

People hesitate in choosing cosmetic surgery for conditions such as cellulite. This makes Cellfina an ideal, minimally-invasive, in-office alternative. The procedure addresses the primary cause of cellulite to deliver smooth and healthy-looking skin. It restores the patient’s confidence to wear any clothing.

Connective bands woven through the fat in the thighs and buttocks is the primary structural cause of cellulite. These tight bands pull down the skin which causes puckering. This is often seen on the skin’s surface as cellulite. However, these bands function as elastic bands. The treated skin tends to bounce back to a smooth self in a short period of time.

Cellfina Procedure

Cellfina procedure doesn’t take more than an hour when performed by an experienced and qualified provider in an in-office setting. It combines cutting edge proprietary technology with a proven approach for treating the primary structural reason for cellulite. The provider, as a first step, will mark the cellulite dimples and apply a local numbing agent. This will help you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

This will be followed by a quick in-office procedure. Patients should be able to resume their regular activity after the procedure. They may choose to stay home for 24 hours. The results take about three days to manifest completely. In some cases, cellulite stays away for more than two years.

Complete Patient Satisfaction

Effectiveness of Cellfina was recently determined by a comprehensive clinical study. Significant improvements were noticed in patients in just three days of treatment. Nearly 100% of the Cellfina patients noticed significant improvement after two years of the procedure as based on GAIS scale. Almost all patients reported high satisfaction rates.

At three months, more than 85% patients were satisfied. After a year the numbers grew to 94% with 96% reporting satisfaction after two years. These rates are far more than the satisfaction rates of other cellulite treatments.

Benefits of Cellfina

Cellfina doesn’t involve a surgical room or general anesthesia. It uses a small needle sized device for treating the cellulite causing bands that appear just below the surface in targeted areas. Treatment sessions last for 45 minutes and result in significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite present in buttocks and thighs.

Cosmetic surgeons at the ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for innovative and advanced med spa services, such as cellulite treatment with Cellfina.

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