Laser Hair Removal Center in Houston

Laser Hair Removal Center in Houston

Laser Hair Removal | Aesthetic Procedures | Non Surgical | Houston TXLaser hair removal ranks among the most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedures today. The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery, led by eminent plastic surgeons, Dr. Chris Patronella; Dr. Henry Mentz; Dr. German Newall; Dr. Paul Fortes; Dr. Rolando Morales and Dr. Kristi Hustak, is a premier practice providing both surgical and non-surgical procedures.
The practice has emerged as one of the largest and premier private cosmetic surgery practices in Texas and the US since it was established two decades ago. The center receives patients for laser hair removal and various other procedures from Houston TX, and surrounding communities.

In-house Research

With its own in-house research center, The Aesthetic Center has become one of the first private plastic surgery practices in the United States to have such a facility. The practice has introduced several innovative surgical and non-surgical treatment approaches, improved safety and effectiveness, and provided greater customization of procedures for most satisfying outcomes.
The research published by the center has won awards and has been published in leading industry journals. The cosmetic surgeons at the practice are regularly invited to speak at conferences around the world. H Texas Magazine’s Top Doc Award and Health and Fitness Magazine’s Doctor’s Choice Award have been conferred on its surgeons for multiple years. Patients in Houston TX, and nearby locations have an opportunity to receive treatments at the practice.

Laser Hair Removal at the Med Spa

One of the key extensions of the ACPS practice is the Added Touch Medical Spa. The facility provides state of the art minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, including laser hair removal. Both women and men are increasingly focused on receiving laser hair reduction treatments as an alternative to the traditional solutions such as shaving or waxing. Laser hair removal technique is designed to remove unwanted hair from virtually any part of the body, including the face, arms, under arms, legs, back, bikini area, and chest.
The Added Touch Medical Spa is equipped with two advanced lasers that are designed for targeted hair removal: the Candela 1064 Gentle YAG and the IPL 650-1200nm hand piece. Both lasers can be used effective on all skin types, including dark tones. For very dark skin tones and for treating small areas, the experts at the med spa may recommend the Candela technology. With the help of lidocaine numbing cream, the treatment process becomes nearly painless.

Destroying Unwanted Hair

The IPL 650-1200 nm handpiece is usually more effective and less painful for treating larger areas. Lidocaine toxicity can be a concern in a larger area, so this technology is preferred. A series of treatment sessions is performed to achieve comprehensive hair reduction where only actively growing hairs are targeted. With multiple sessions, it is possible to treat in the next session the hairs which were dominantly growing in the previous session.
The total number of treatment sessions, the duration of a session, the choice of technology, and other aspects of the treatment plan will be finalized depending on various factors. These may include hair and skin color, and the personal aesthetic needs of the patient.
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