Laser Hair Removal Before And After Photos

Laser Hair Removal 

Many people find waxing, shaving and razor to be time consuming and ineffective in their battle against body hair. This is why many surgeons are recommending laser hair removal treatments as an alternative cosmetic surgery option.

Your cosmetic surgeon may recommend the procedure if you want longer lasting and superior results. Laser hair removal plastic surgery is a safe, proven, and in-office treatment using cutting-edge laser technology to allow men and women to enjoy hairless skin for extended lengths.

Your plastic surgeon will be able to remove hair from any part of the body with laser hair removal, except eyelids. Undesirable hairs are precisely targeted for removal with minimal downtime or pain. However, you should ask your treatment provider to show you before and after pictures of past patients to set realistic expectations and take well-informed decisions.

Board certified plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) provide laser hair removal treatments to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding locations.

What Does Before and After Images Mean?

Laser hair removal ‘before and after’ photos are a good tool for understanding the procedure and the kind of results you should expect. Your surgeon will show you several sets of before and after images taken of previous patients that underwent the same procedure. Typically, the treatment provider will show you images of treatment in the same areas as you want, like underarms, bikini line, thighs, and others.

The treatment provider will show you images taken before the procedure and right after the procedure. This is something you need to bring up during the consultation because right now these images are not on this website; this does not mean they cannot be uploaded at any time though. They should also show you images after a few days when complete results manifest. However, it is imperative that the treatment provider shows the images only after taking the other patient’s consent. The images will be shown in a discreet manner.

Benefits of Before and After Images

It is possible for you to be unsure about the procedure or its potential results even after hearing it from the surgeon. Words can only do so much in explaining something. However, pictures speak volumes. You can picture from the images the kind of results laser hair treatment can provide. It is not possible for everyone to achieve the same kind of results.

However, by looking at before and after pictures, you can get a salient idea of what to expect. Looking at images can help you take a well-informed and conscious decision. This is also because of digital technology which has enhanced about every industry there is on this planet. The plastic surgery industry is certainly one of them. With digital images a patient can almost predict the future because this level of clarity makes it very easy for someone to apply what they see to their own personal situation.

Allows for Reasonable Expectations

The worst thing for you to have when undergoing a cosmetic procedure is to have unreasonable expectations. You need to know the kind of results to expect if you want to be satisfied with the procedure. Laser hair removal outcomes are usually natural instead of being obvious or artificial.

Before and after images can help you tone down your expectations if you thought otherwise. Usually, these images are shown during the initial consultation, as already somewhat mentioned, for patients to attain more satisfaction from the final results. ACPS prides itself on its transparency.

Images Available on Social Media

Laser hair removal images are usually posted on social media platforms to increase awareness. You can view these images before consulting with a treatment provider. Cosmetic surgeons at ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for the safe and proven laser hair removal procedures.

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