How much does JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA cost? 


Juvederm Volbella dermal filler injections are a safe and proven treatment to enhance the appearance of the lips and peri-oral area. At the time of pre-op consultation, the injection provider will explain all aspects of the Juvederm Volbella treatment, including its costs.  

The provider’s first concern will be to educate the patient about their skin rejuvenation treatment options, and help them make a well-considered decision. Board certified plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) provide Juvederm Volbella to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding locations. 

Cost Comparison 

Although facial cosmetic surgery and advanced laser and ultrasound treatments are available to achieve targeted facial rejuvenation, but these treatment options will usually be significantly costlier than Juvederm Volbella injections. This injectable procedure can be completed it one treatment session of less than 30 minutes.  

The procedure does not involve general anesthesia, medical tests, prescription drugs or any specific post-operative expenses. Even in comparison to certain other facial filler injections, the outcomes with Juvederm Volbella are usually longer lasting. This makes the treatment more cost-effective than several other relatively more invasive facial anti-aging solutions.  

Financial Factors 

Juvederm Volbella injection treatment costs can slightly differ between two practices, and even between two patients at the same practice in a few cases. Geographical location of the practice makes an important difference to the costs because real estate costs can significantly vary. Other overhead expenses are also usually higher in main metropolitan areas compared to smaller towns in interior regions.   

Whether the practice is led by a board certified dermatologist will typically impact the kind of quality standards, treatment techniques and safety protocols are adopted at the practice. Patients should consider the costs in the light of these facts in order to make the right judgment.  

Pricing Assessment 

The amount of filler gel used can vary from one patient to another, depending on the treatment area. Lesser volume of medication will be required for minor improvements, and the overall cost may reduce in proportion.  

For instance, if Juvederm Volbella is only required for lip augmentation, the volume of gel required may be lesser as compared to when the patient additionally requires treatment of smile lines around the lips.  

The patient should feel free to discuss the cost issues upfront, compare the costs with alternative dermal filler injectables, and review other treatment options in order to make a well-informed selection. The injection provider will explain the potential costs and benefits of the appropriate treatment options to help the patient make the best decisions.  

Insurance and Finance 

Juvederm Volbella injectable treatment is usually performed as an elective procedure. Therefore, the costs may not be covered by the health insurer. However, the patients should explore various financing options available to them.  

Professional medical care finance companies offer competitive loans specifically designed for patients who want to receive cosmetic procedures which have to be paid as an out of pocket expense. Cosmetic surgeons at the ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for Juvederm Volbella injections. 


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