Sientra Breast Implants

When choosing an implant be sure to choose an FDA approved high quality breast implant.  At the ACPS® we put the safety of our patients first.  We only offer the highest quality implants from the best manufacturers.  Sientra® is one of our preferred vendors.  Their silicone gel breast implant has one of the highest safety profiles on the market, with some of the lowest complication rates.   This statement is backed by a robust 10-year study performed for the FDA.   Not only are Sientra® implants safe but they are backed by one of the best warranties of any of the major breast implant manufacturers.

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The surgeons and staff at ACPS® can help you select a high quality breast implant that is right for you.  We encourage you to call today at (713) 799-9999 to schedule your consultation or submit a contact form for more information.