Dr. Scott Ogley – ACPS Fellow

About the ACPS Fellowship and Prices

Dr. Scott Ogley – ACPS Fellow

As the ACPS Fellow for 2021 – 2022, Dr. Scott Ogley, is a fully-trained plastic surgeon who graduated from the 6-year plastic surgery residency program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada. Under the supervision of ACPS surgeons, Dr. Ogley performs consultations, a broad range of plastic surgery procedures, and cosmetic injectable treatments at a significantly reduced rate for interested patients.

Dr. Ogley elected to pursue an additional year of training through the ACPS Fellowship Program to further perfect his plastic surgery skill and expertise through one-on-one mentoring and training with ACPS’s eight surgeons. Selected from numerous plastic surgery residents who applied for the ACPS Fellowship, Dr. Ogley has demonstrated a strong commitment to the attributes which have made ACPS one of the nation’s top aesthetic plastic surgery groups: excellence, innovation, and dedication to advancing the art and science of plastic surgery through continual research. These qualities mesh with his own professional goals – to consistently deliver high-quality results with compassion and safety.

Dr. Ogley considers it an honor to help people to be the best version of themselves, one of the most exciting aspects of his profession. He looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a beautiful result that is individualized to your goals and needs.

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    Q&A with Dr. Ogley

    Q: Of all the plastic surgery fellowships in the nation, why did you choose the ACPS Fellowship program?

    The ACPS fellowship was a clear standout to me when searching for a fellowship because the surgeons at ACPS are great at what they do and, together, run a highly successful aesthetic surgery practice. Everyone was welcoming to me, and I’m excited to work with the whole ACPS family!  

    Q: Please tell us a little about your background and what inspired you to become a plastic surgeon.

    As far back as I can remember, I have wanted to be a doctor. By chance, I rotated with a plastic surgeon during medical school and fell in love with the specialty. Being able to change how someone looks on the outside to improve how they feel on the inside is a powerful tool. As someone who is detail-oriented and values both form and function, I felt a connection to plastic surgery. And this specialty continues to give me great joy and fulfillment when I see the new-found confidence aesthetic surgery provides to my patients. 

    Q: What are some of your goals related to your work, and what do you most love about it?

    What I strive for is being able to deliver great results customized to my patient’s individual needs. Whether it is through surgical or non-surgical means, I will work with my patients to achieve safe, natural-appearing results. I love getting to know my patients and seeing them become the best possible versions of themselves!  

    Q: In your free time, what do you enjoy doing?

    I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, and I try to visit new countries as often as I can. I am always on the move, whether it be exercising, going to music festivals, or exploring new places to eat and socialize. 

    Q: What is something interesting about you that people might be surprised to know?

    I have an excessive number of houseplants – over 60 and counting! 

    Q: What is one of your favorite quotes and why?

    “I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.”

    • Coleman Cox

    This statement reminds me of the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving success. Not only that, it speaks to the value of enthusiastically approaching anything one does. Whether it is mastering a surgical procedure, or tackling a difficulty in life, I will give my all to have the best chance of success.