Does liposuction produce permanent results?

Does liposuction produce permanent results? | Houston, TexasThe new body shape will be more or less permanent after liposuction cosmetic surgery. Even if the patient puts on a moderate amount of weight after the procedure, their physique will simply be a slightly bigger version of their new body shape.
Board certified plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) provides liposuction to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding locations.

Permanent Fat Cell Reduction

The advantage with liposuction is that once the fat cells are eliminated, they cannot re-grow. The human body does not typically generate new fat cells after puberty, even if a person puts on a moderate amount of weight. This means that the fat cells removed by liposuction will be gone forever.
Until the patient does not gain a substantial amount of weight, their new, sleeker body shape accomplished by liposuction will be permanent. But the patient should understand that the fat cells that remain in the body following liposuction can grow bigger in size if they put on large amounts of weight.
Furthermore, the natural process of aging produces normal changes in the body shape over the years. However, patients can be confident that the advantages achieved through liposuction will always be visible as long as they follow a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen.

Impact of Pregnancy on Liposuction Surgery Results

Some women may want to understand how a future pregnancy can affect their liposuction outcomes. In a majority of cases, patients can be assured that a pregnancy will not change their liposuction results permanently.
If a woman undergoes a post-lipo pregnancy and puts on weight, but loses the weight after childbirth, her original liposuction outcomes will return. Many women will appear as if they have not been through a pregnancy after liposuction at all.
But, women considering liposuction should understand that it is ideal to choose to undergo a plastic surgery procedure when they do not intend to get pregnant in the future. Pregnancy can lead to cellulite, stretch marks, and sagging skin in the breast, abdominal, thigh, and buttock areas. These cosmetic concerns are not related to liposuction.
Liposuction is meant for fat reduction and body contouring to enhance the body shape and proportions. However, it does not have a significant effect on the removal of stretch marks or cellulite, quality of skin texture, or tightening of loose skin.

Liposuction after Final Pregnancy

Multiple pregnancies can cause some women to develop stubborn fatty deposits in the abdominal area. If a candidate chooses to receive liposuction surgery after her final pregnancy, she can expect dramatic improvements in the shape of her abdomen.
Many patients may be able to avoid the more invasive tummy tuck surgery and attain a flatter and more youthful appearing abdomen with only liposuction after their final pregnancy.

When do the Outcomes become Visible?

A majority of patients will be able to attain 90 percent of their final liposuction results in around three months after the procedure. The post-op inflammation will resolve slowly over several months depending on the type of liposuction technique used and the extent of the surgery.
After the inflammation resolves completely, the full and final outcomes of the liposuction surgery will establish. Cosmetic surgeons at the ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for liposuction.
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