Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Patient Safety

By Dr. German Newall
At ACPS, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering great results while preserving patient safety, which is our foremost goal at all times. In performing challenging procedures, we push the limits to achieve an excellent aesthetic outcome by using a smart, scientific approach. The bottom line, like anything in the world, is experience, training, and repetition.
During residency, you’re exposed to all possible issues that could occur. I’ve seen every potential complication in my lifetime. We were trained to avoid them, and if we did have one, to treat it—and that is key.
Because of this, we can readily identify potential problems before surgery as well as any issues that might arise during surgery. No surgeon is in a position to say he/she has never had a complication. Even the best of the best physicians can have a complication. The important thing is to know how to treat them, treat them fast, and go through the safety algorithm that’s been ingrained in us through years of training and experience.
A crucial element in the safety equation is to have a team that does these procedures routinely. At ACPS, we have a team in place starting with the preoperative care of patients. And, very importantly, we have a team for the postoperative recovery phase. Together with the plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists, we combine our efforts to ensure the entire surgical process goes smoothly.
We have it down to a science because we do so many of these surgical procedures. It’s like a tennis player who practices every day versus one who practices only on the weekends.
At ACPS, you can be confident that your safety is our highest priority, and our track record reflects this commitment. Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic plastic surgery consultation with an ACPS surgeon.
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