Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Cellulite Reduction Treatments | Houston, TexasCellulite can create unsightly skin appearance, and it is mostly very resistant to diet and exercise. More than 80 percent of American women above the age of 20 suffer from some degree of cellulite. 
One of the safest and most effective minimally invasive treatments for cellulite is Cellfina. The FDA cleared this procedure for cellulite reduction in 2015, and since then thousands of patients have managed to achieve high levels of satisfaction with this safe and proven treatment. 
Cellfina treatment involves the use of an innovative microblade technique to target stubborn cellulite in areas such as the thighs and buttocks. No surgery or general anesthesia is involved in this procedure. 
Board certified plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery provide cellulite reduction treatments to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding locations.


Any adult who is struggling with cellulite appearance could be a good candidate for Cellfina non-surgical procedure. Most patients for this treatment are in the age group of 20 to 60. Ideal candidates will have minimal skin laxity in the areas of treatment, and will have a stable body weight. 
Speak to your surgeon to determine if Cellfina may be the right treatment choice for you. During the initial consultation, your provider will also help you form realistic expectations about the potential benefits of Cellfina procedure. 

How does Cellfina Cellulite Reduction Work?

Cellulite that creates dimply skin is best treated with Cellfina. The FDA has cleared this procedure for treating cellulite in the buttocks and thighs, but the surgeon may determine whether it will be useful to treat any other areas as well. 
Dimples in the skin are caused by the presence of fibrous bands (connective tissue). Your skin is connected with the tissue beneath through these bands. Some part of the skin can get pulled in by these fibrous bands, which will cause the surrounding fat pockets to bulge. This will cause tiny depressions or cellulite dimples all over the area. 
Cellfina uses a procedure called subcision to eliminate cellulite. Subcision technique may also be used to treat wrinkles and scars. The Cellfina device is the size of needle, and it can effectively treat the connective bands present just underneath your skin. 


The provider will first mark the affected areas where the cellulite dimples are identified. They will then administer a topical numbing solution to keep you comfortable through the treatment. Following this, your provider will use the Cellfina device to precisely insert a microblade beneath your skin. 
The provider will use a stabilized-guided subcision technique along with a fanning motion in order to release the fibrous bands beneath your skin. The cellulite will bounce back with this technique. About 25 cellulite dimples can be treated in one sitting lasting for about an hour. 


You will be able to notice results in the treated sites in as little as three to four days. The cellulite reduction outcomes with this treatment can last for up to three years. A multi-center research study in the US involving 55 patients has shown that 98 percent of the patients achieved improvement with one Cellfina treatment and continued to maintain their results at two years after their procedure. 
Cosmetic surgeons at ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for cellulite reduction treatments.

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