Cellfina™ – Cellulite Improvement

Orange Cellfina Logo - PNG FormatFinally…an effective solution to improve cellulite – the dimpled skin that more than 90 percent of women have on their buttocks and thighs. Cellfina™ is the only FDA-approved minimally-invasive procedure that is clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least two years.

Cellfina™ Benefits

  • Quick results – improvement can be seen three days after treatment
  • Requires only a one-time treatment which takes approximately 45 minutes, depending upon the number of areas treated
  • 96% of patients were satisfied with results two years after treatment
  • Minimally invasive
  • Limited downtime – some patients experienced initial soreness and bruising after treatment, but these effects diminished quickly with time
  • Targets the underlying structural cause of cellulite for long-lasting improvement

Cellfina Before and After Photos


Cellfina™ on The Doctors

The Doctors’ cameras capture the before and after Cellfina experience of Brooke, who had felt self-conscious about cellulite on her outer thighs for much of her life. Dr. Jeremy Green explains the Cellfina procedure and performs the treatment for Brooke, whose dramatic improvement is revealed one week later when she appears on The Doctors. 

Cellfina at The ACPS Spa: Ashley’s Testimonial

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