Breast Reduction Recovery

Improvements in cosmetic surgery techniques over the decades have made surgeries such as the breast reduction less invasive and more successful. However, recovery continues to be an important part of the breast reduction surgery process, which will have an impact on the final results. shutterstock_108888686
Patients who are willing to follow the surgeon’s instruction with dedication usually enjoy a faster and more comfortable recovery. Board certified plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) provide breast reduction to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding communities.

Approximate Downtime

After the breast reduction plastic surgery procedure, the patient needs to stay at home and take adequate rest for a week. Patients are encouraged to perform short walks and mild activities during this period to improve blood flow in the incision areas. Contact with the incisions should be kept to a minimal, and the patient should be cautious to not put strain on the incision area until it has fully healed.
The recovery time can differ from one patient to another depending on the amount of breast tissue removed, the expertise of the surgeon, and the patient’s natural healing ability.
A majority of the patients will be able to go back to work or resume regular activities in about 10 to 14 days. However, lifting heavy weights and rigorous exercise should be restarted only after three to four weeks.

Compression Garments

After the breast reduction surgery, the breasts will be bandaged. The patient may have to visit the surgeon’s office in a day or two after the surgery to get the bandages removed. These bandages will be replaced with a special surgical bra or compression garment, which the patient needs to wear all the time during the initial recovery phase.
Except while bathing, she should wear this garment at all times. The surgical bra or wrap-style compression garment will support the breast tissue and muscle so that the breasts can safely acquire their new shape.

Avoiding Tobacco

Cigarette smoke is detrimental to post-operative healing. The nicotine in tobacco can lead to shrinkage of blood vessels causing reduced oxygen in the blood stream. This reduction in oxygen can create obstructions in the functioning of red blood cells, decrease the pace of recovery, and cause an increased risk of complications. The surgeon will provide the patient details on the timeframe before and after the surgery when they must completely abstain from smoking.

Managing Pain

The surgeon might prescribe pain medicines for the initial days of recovery. This will provide the patient with some comfort from pain and soreness while the bruising and incisions heal. The patient will have to avoid driving and any other activities requiring alertness while on pain medication.
In case the post-operative pain is unbearable or persists for a significant time, the patient should talk to the surgeon. Persistent pain or swelling could be an indication of an infection in the incision site, which will require prompt medical attention.
Outstanding and honorable cosmetic surgeons at ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas across the landscape for breast reduction surgery.
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