Breast Implant Removal Candidates

Breast Implant Removal Candidates | Houston, TexasWomen may seek breast implant removal surgery at any point after their breast augmentation procedure because of cosmetic, emotional, or medical reasons. It is vital for women seeking a breast implant removal procedure to be in suitable overall health as well as not be pregnant or nursing.
Board certified plastic surgeons at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) provide breast implant removal to patients in Houston, Texas, TX, and surrounding locations. 

Removal due to Unsuitable Implants

The original breast augmentation cosmetic surgery may not always create outcomes that are satisfactory for the patient. This may happen due to a variety of reasons, such as improper implant shape, size, or type.
In exceptional cases, after the implant surgery, the woman may feel that she was more satisfied with her original breast shape, or that the new, larger breasts are leading to problems in her ability to perform specific tasks.
Women who experience such problems may be good candidates for breast removal surgery. Sometimes a woman may not be unhappy with her implant shape, size, or type. 
The patient may feel that the implants are too substantial or too small, or the shape or profile may be undesirable to her. Such women may be ideal candidates for breast implant removal surgery, as well. At times, the patient may decide to get new, more appropriate implants after implant removal.
The FDA approved silicone breast implants a few years after saline implants were approved. Some patients may choose to undergo saline implant removal and subsequent replacement with silicone implants. 

Surgical Complications Warranting Removal

Sometimes a woman may experience complications pertaining to breast implants following her breast augmentation plastic surgery. This may occur at any time after the procedure.
The risk of complications is significantly reduced in the hands of a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon. However, complications may still occur even years after the original procedure.
Capsular contracture occurs in cases where the scar tissue surrounding the implant becomes tighter. The patient will need to undergo scar tissue removal or implant removal surgery to correct this condition. 
Pertaining to this, they may decide to undergo implant replacement after the removal procedure. Natural wear and tear or a defective implant may cause leakage, rupture, or deflation. 
Implant rippling may occur due to the thinning of skin across the breasts or hormonal changes. At times, the breast implant may move from its original placement creating a lop-sided look. These types of patients will also require breast implant removal surgery. 

Other Candidates for Breast Implant Removal

The removal of breast implants may be performed for other reasons, as well. A cancer diagnosis may warrant breast implant removal to enable the treatment to be more effective. No one can predict if they will ever obtain cancer. Cancer can affect anyone despite their socioeconomic status or where they come from. 
Certain women may seek breast implant removal surgery because of changes in their aesthetic preferences or lifestyle. Cosmetic surgeons at the ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for breast implant removal. 
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