About Breast Implant Profiles: Low, Moderate, And Full High

Breast Implant Profiles

There is nothing more important to consider than the type of implants while planning a breast augmentation surgery. You need to consider more than just size of the implants. Same sized implants (cc volume) can have remarkably different results in women with different chest widths. This makes it important to pick the right implant profile based on your body contours and aesthetic goals.

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Size is Just One Factor in The Equation

Breast implant sizes are measured in terms of cubic centimeters (cc). More cc refers to larger implants with more volume. However, cc volume is only one part of the equation. You need to choose the right profile and shape if you want to find an ideal implant size. Breast implants with identical sizes can create different shapes and results during your breast augmentation cosmetic surgery.

Types of Breast Implant Profiles

Breast implant profile refers to the forward projection created by an implant. This is how far the implant will appear from the chest wall when looked at from the side while standing straight. There are three major types of implant profiles:

    1. Low implant profile

These are ideal for women with wider chests and shoulders who don’t necessarily want big breasts. Instead, they yearn for more shape and fullness in their breasts. These implants are relatively flat and wide at the base.

    1. Moderate implant profile

They are the most popular profiles and offer both volume and cleavage while appearing natural. Many patients like to choose these implants for their breast augmentation plastic surgery.

    1. High implant profile

These implants offer the most projection owing to their narrow base widths. They create fuller and rounder breasts. They can appear natural when placed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon under the pectoral muscle.

Moderate implant profiles have a sub-category in the form of moderate-plus profile. Likewise high profile implants have ultra-high profile breast implants as a sub-category. These sub-categories are aimed at providing a true and natural fit.

Body Anatomy Plays a Major Role

Choosing an ideal implant will involve considering several factors. Your natural body architecture is a major consideration as is the look you hope to achieve. Wider implants (low implant profile) are required by patients that have wide breast base. Your cosmetic surgeon will identify your aesthetic goals for the surgery and recommend an implant profile that best suits your purpose and body type.

How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Profile

There is no thumb rule where it comes to breast implant profiles. Each body is unique with different characteristics. Your cosmetic surgeon will ask you detailed questions about your desired goals.

They will attain a deep understanding of your chest anatomy before recommending implant profiles and types. It is important that you be as communicative as possible about your goals and expectations for the surgeon to make the right recommendations. Cosmetic surgeons at the ACPS receive patients from Houston, Texas, TX, and nearby areas for breast augmentation surgery.

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