Tumescent Liposuction

The tumescent technique for liposuction is still the most commonly used method for achieving desired results in contouring areas such as the waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. This technique works by injecting controlled amounts of a special fluid under the skin. This fluid causes the fat to swell such that it is easier to remove.This fluid also numbs and constricts blood flow to the area to reduce blood loss. Because there is so little blood loss, there is minimal bruising.

Medication is also added to this fluid such that post-operative pain is reduced for 18 to 24 hours after surgery. After the fluid is injected, a special hollow tube called a cannula is connected to a suction machine and then inserted under the skin. The cannula is moved back and forth to create thousands of tiny tunnels where the fat has been removed. After surgery, a compression garment, or girdle, is put on the patient. The tiny tunnels collapse under the pressure of the garment. The garment is worn most of the time for the next 6 weeks.

The tissue continues to contract within the tunnel, creating a slimmer appearance. A new method, called Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction, or UAL, is now being used in conjunction with tumescent techniques. And remember, it is advisable that you choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is affiliated with accredited hospitals and surgery centers, to perform your liposuction procedure.

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